Family Tradition


Guillermo Gonzalez and his family moved from Cuba to the United States and settled in New York City. As a young boy he helped support himself and his family by running his own meat route, where he would pick up assortments of meats from markets and resale them across the city. He then landed in Stahl-Meyer and started working in the plant, working all sides of the business. Going through his teenage years he always thought to himself, “What would it be like if I could ever own and operate this company”?


After working in every department in the Stahl-Meyer plant, Guillermo realized there was a real opportunity to grow the brand and with his leadership. He felt he could help the organization gain power and strength.


The Gonzalez family dream had come to reality and Guillermo Gonzalez along with wife, Ana, were able to buy Stahl-Meyer and officially call the company their own. His vision was to create better products through advancement of manufacturing systems and equipment, give each customer top-quailty service, create customer loyalty, and give people a top quality product for a value price.


After graduating from Fordham which a Bachelors Degree in Business, Christina Gonzalez, daughter of Guillermo and Ana, joined the company sales team. Christina brought her knowledge of the family business and through her vision, helped Stahl-Meyer grow all across the country. Today she serves as the Vice President of Sales.


Seeking the vision of growth and expansion, Stahl-Meyer was in need of a much larger facility. This led to a nationwide search to find the right facility that would support the company goals. With not only looking for major expansion, Stahl-Meyer was also looking for a place to call home where they could create opportunity and give back to the community. Madison, Florida caught their eye and this is where Stahl-Meyer calls home today in its 200,000 square foot facility.


After graduating from Pace University, Michael Gonzalez, son of Guillermo and Ana, began working in Stahl-Meyer in the operations department. Through his education, Michael had learned how to operate all types of manufacturing equipment and ensures that all products are made to Stahl-Meyers Top Quality Standards.


Legendary Pictures presents the movie “42” featuring Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers. In the film, you can see an iconic image of the main Stahl-Meyer Frankfurter Hot Dog stand when the screen pans across Ebbets Field.


Stahl-Meyer Foods operates out of a 200,000 square foot facility in Madison, Florida, producing top quality meats that are distributed all across the world. Stahl-Meyer customers continue to be the reason for its success and they strive to keep serving them to the highest standards and continually look for ways to utilize technology on both the manufacturing and customer service sides.