Founded in 1836, Stahl-Meyer’s focus has always been manufacturing top quality meats that bring our customers and families together. The mission is simple and customer driven. We are creating top-quality products at a value price. Going on three generations of family owned and operated, Stahl-Meyer looks to continue the family legacy of satisfying each and every customer, across the world.

Stahl-Meyer Foods, headquartered in Madison, Florida, and with offices in New York, was founded in 1836 and has continued its legacy of being an leader in the meat processing industry. CEO Guillermo Gonzalez began working for the company in the 1980’s as a young boy after his family came to the United States from Cuba. Working his way up from the bottom, Guillermo became CEO of Stahl-Meyer Foods in 1992. A company that was built together by family, treats its customers like family, and has a mission of creating top quality meat products that bring friends and families together.

Christina GonzalezAt Stahl-Meyer Foods, we understand that our customers are vital to our success, and it is why we strive to give each customer world-class service and top quality products. Our Vice President of Sales, Christina Gonzalez, a graduate of Fordham University obtaining a degree in Marketing with a specialization in International Global Studies, and our team at Stahl-Meyer strive to help each and every customer reach their goals and become successful in their markets across the world. Our team works around the clock to make sure our customers are completely satisfied when working with us.

Michael Gonzalez
We have developed a winning team with over 40 years experience in Stahl-Meyer and the meat industry our state of the art, 200,000 square foot facility. Lead by our VP of Operations, Michael Gonzalez, and a team of managers, we are continually looking for ways to grow through advancement in technology, manufacturing, production, and improving ways to communicate with our customers.

The youngest member of the Gonzalez Family, Michelle Gonzalez is currently a freshman at Pace University in New York City. Once she finishes her degree, Michelle plans to join the family business and continue the Gonzalez family legacy at Stahl-Meyer Foods.

Maintaining a legacy is important to us at Stahl-Meyer. Our family and employees work hard to ensure USDA Standards and bring top quality products to our customers and your table. We will continue to follow our Stahl-Meyer tradition of recipes in our products while incorporating advanced technology to help us better serve you. At Stahl-Meyer we look forward to you becoming part of our family.