Stahl-Meyer Stadium. This wasn’t your traditional baseball stadium. It was a small ball field for employees to use on break at the nearby Stahl-Meyer Meat Packing Company, which would in later years become the official hot dog supplier for the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants and New York Yankees.


In 1946, The Brand Name Research Foundation issued certificates to brand names familiar during Colonial times in which the modern housewife was still using. Ferris was one of the companies located in the New York Metropolitan area honored by the Foundation. Ferris received this honor for their Ham and Bacon products. A “Certificate of Public Service”, was awarded at a dinner in recognition of the contribution the company had made for continuous public service and for being an American household name brand for over one hundred years.


Canned Ham Introduced: Stahl-Meyer product is hickory smoked, boneless, and skinless. On January 11, 1951 food writers were introduced to Stahl-Meyers hickory-smoked ham, the newest addition to Stahl-Meyers line of canned meat products. Delicately smoked and lightly salted, these ready-to-eat hams are boneless and skinless and among the very few tins that are hickory-smoked. Stahl-Meyer was focused on serving families who wanted to buy all sizes and types of hams.